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This website is designed to engage with businesses operating in the retail sector, so if you are a service provider in this sector you are definitely in the right place.

Your marketing will be geared towards reaching the active buyers that visit this site.

Purchasers of businesses through this site will be actively looking to make an impression in their new business, or to prepare their existing business for sale.

Take the opportunity to communicate with them and promote your products and services. Our rates are extremely competitive and our customer base is professional and proactive.

Get all 3 advertisments for $100 plus gst-----Thats buy 1 and get 2 free

Our advertising sizes are as follows

Skyscraper banner - 320px x 800px   $100 plus gst  For 90 days

Feature banner - 827px x 200px         $100 plus gst  For 90 days

Tile - 360px x 360px                             $100 plus gst  For 90 days

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